I, like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians am still processing the tragedy that took place last week in Moncton. I created a small tangle, and, for the first time used red to shade with as it is the colour that the RCMP wear. I don’t like my tangle, not for technical reasons, but because […]


I didn’t post yesterday because I hadn’t finished the creative piece I had begun. I found myself headed toward the same thing today. I can’t post things that aren’t finished…that is cheating! I realized that part of being creative is accepting the process itself. At times, this can be even more of a challenge than […]

Let the avoiding tactics begin

Yesterday, the anticipation of creative possibility ruled and banished anything remotely related to “practicality.” Today, the oh so powerful “doubt” managed to sneak past my creative guard dogs. “Doubt” is a powerful enemy, known to many creative wannabes like myself. All day long it stayed just within the safe-to-be creative kingdom I had so valiantly […]

Linkey Winky and Nod

I stumbled across a 30 Day Creativity Challenge…the difference between this one and the 337 other challenges I have seen is simply that I felt a creative tug from deep within me begging to be allowed to come out. Here I go again… I’m so busy. Being creative for thirty whole days in a row? […]