I took the other path less travelled…

…and this has made all the difference.

If I could earn an air mile for the hundreds of thoughts and ideas that fly around my mind each day, I would have been able to travel around the world at least ten times this year. Right now Air Canada ticket agents are breathing a collective sigh of relief…

Being a creative wannabe is hard work. I become physically exhausted after working on a new art idea. I’m emotionally drained after working on a piece that I can picture in my mind but does transfer onto paper the way I want it to. Muscles tense, headaches form and more often than not, my body feels it has just run the equivalent of a marathon.

The thing is, I’m always working on a new idea/piece/project. My mind, like many other creative wannabes, is on-call 24 hours a day. I never know when something will spark a new creative opportunity. During one of my brain expanding classes, a magnificent mind could ask a question, and Poof! Idea.

“So, in the story we just read, I don’t understand why the author left us hanging like that.”

A great question. Well…

POOF! …hanging…maybe I could try to paint some new picture frames and hang them so I can display magnificent mind’s newest art project. Oh! Maybe I should try to construct frames using only the covers of old textbooks…Oh! My magnificent minds could then write poems to decoupage over the frames.

One would expect that the magnificent mind asking the question would give up on getting an answer from me based on the thoughts I have just shared but, and I find this absolutely fascinating, the thoughts flying at warp speed through my mind have managed to do so in some kind of parallel thought universe. Every so often they hit at exactly the same moment resulting in a mouth filled with babble. More often though, it all takes place seamlessly as my creative ideas get filed in the “ideas to deal with when I have time” portion of my brain while my brain expanding mode carries on.

It is only Day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge and my mind is in overdrive. On the inside I am exhausted, on the outside? On the outside it looks like a pretty hum-drum, normal day.

That’s what happens when you choose to take that other path… Thanks Mr. Robert Frost.

This is my creative project for the day. I have been having fun with photo apps. This picture, taken of the art cupboards, is an example of how, on the outside they look sturdy and practical but pry open the doors and they are crammed to the top with paper, pastel, paints, glue, chalks, ink and infinite creative possibilities.


One thought on “I took the other path less travelled…

  1. So true, Kathleen. It can be painful at times to be creative. I was explaining something about a writing project to someone, and they said, “You make is sound so painful.” I answered truthfully, “Sometimes it is.” But it is a good pain, a growing, expanding sort of pain….perhaps like an athlete that works out and feels it the next day?

    And, I totally get the ideas flying through your head in parallel to the “real” topic of conversation. I just wish my storage and retrieval system for those ideas was better. 🙂

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