A different way of looking…a room from a different view

This is going to be a short post. Not because I am too tired or that I’m trying cut today’s challenge short, but because the piece I created shares more in its 3×3 square than I ever could in a 3000 word essay.

This piece represents 15 magnificent minds hard at work.

A tangled exam

A tangled exam

As 15 of my gr7 magnificent minds wrote their first formal English exam, I observed, with much joy, how seriously and intently they worked to share their increased brain power with me.

I jotted down their names and the places where each magnificent mind sat and today, I created a tangle in their honour. While not obvious, I created a grid based on the seating arrangement and in each space I tangled the first initial.

There are many details that I feel are lacking but, as us tanglers know, there are no mistakes in this technique so I will accept the flaws.


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