I didn’t post yesterday because I hadn’t finished the creative piece I had begun.

I found myself headed toward the same thing today.

I can’t post things that aren’t finished…that is cheating!

I realized that part of being creative is accepting the process itself. At times, this can be even more of a challenge than the project we are working on which can lead us to believe many untruths about our work.

I come from a long line of perseverers, and as a result we keep going and going, a little like that battery bunny. Or, if we can see it is not going well and it may never go well, we stop altogether, regroup and move onto something different.

Today, I noticed myself wanting to stop and regroup. At first I felt like I must be giving up but then I realized that it wasn’t that at all; I felt I wasn’t doing it (I’m not sure what “it” is) correctly.

If there is one thing I have learned after more than a decade of being a brain expander of magnificent minds is that there is more than one way to get to an answer. Sometimes there are as many different processes as are in my class! As long as I am being authentic to my creative process then I have met the challenge.

This is what I began working on today. (DAY 6) I have to add in the background and then do some shading. I know I will finish it, even if it don’t like it because I am a perseverer.

I am choosing not to share yesterday’s partial creation (DAY 5) because I have come to an agreement with myself. I don’t have to share it. I may choose to at another time or maybe I will choose never to share it. It is all part of the process…my creative process.



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