Stack ’em high, up to the sky…

But don’t let them topple over!

It sounds like a line from an old Milton Bradley board game.

Growing up for many included the Friday night family games night. I wasn’t as keen on board games like some of my friends were. I can picture one friend’s game collection; it literally filled and spilled out of a closet in the hallway.

In fact, I have never played the staple of board games, Monopoly. This is something I am secretly proud of.

For me, games didn’t serve a purpose.

             Could the purpose be simply to have fun?

Spinners that got stuck and pieces that were missing and people screaming because they landed on “(fill in this space with the landing spot of your choosing) just didn’t seem like a lot of fun to me. Perfectionists have a hard time with games involving chance although I suppose I could have looked at the spinners as an opportunity to perfect my flicking finger or spin to always land on free turn, but I didn’t.

I know I played some games. Looking back, I can see that they were the kinds of games that I guess  I thought had a purpose. I could improve upon, use my brain to figure out.

Memory and Trivial Pursuit were more my style as to win meant using a variety of memory strategies and applying prior knowledge. They were practical and had a purpose.

          And they were fun, right?

If I can say they were fun then my practical bubble may be about to burst….let me get back to you on that.



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