Linkey Winky and Nod

I stumbled across a 30 Day Creativity Challenge…the difference between this one and the 337 other challenges I have seen is simply that I felt a creative tug from deep within me begging to be allowed to come out.

Here I go again…

I’m so busy. Being creative for thirty whole days in a row? Not practical.

Hmmm…isn’t that the point? You are so practical you could teach a class on it. How dull…

I am a teacher as a matter of fact. A teacher about to enter one of the two most chaotic times of year. The beginning of the school year is overrun with busyness as I try to be prepared and create the best new lessons for my students and the end of the year is when I have to mark all of the brain expanding brilliance that has happened since the beginning of the year. I simply do not have time to be creative. Maybe I will after exams are finished, assignments, projects are graded, report cards are created, my papers are filed, the art cupboards tidied, my office is cleaned (my poor office), meetings are done and, and, and… Maybe I can pencil in an hour for creativity on August 14th from 3:00-4:00pm.

And what do you teach? With so many specific requirements it must be something very practical…

Actually, I teach the creative subjects… Art, Drama, and English Literature. Hmm…I haven’t read too many blogs about the importance of practicalness within the 21st Century classroom.

Maybe you should try putting this creativity challenge to the test…if you want to be practical, try to think of it as a way to get a jump start on preparing next year’s lessons.

Or…I could just let myself try to create for nothing other than to create. Hmm…

Day One of the Challenge- Create a blog to link your daily doses of creativity to.

Check and DONE.

29 to go

I’m not sure how long my practical side will be able to handle it….


pixelate me

pixelate me



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