Let the avoiding tactics begin

Yesterday, the anticipation of creative possibility ruled and banished anything remotely related to “practicality.” Today, the oh so powerful “doubt” managed to sneak past my creative guard dogs. “Doubt” is a powerful enemy, known to many creative wannabes like myself. All day long it stayed just within the safe-to-be creative kingdom I had so valiantly tried to build yesterday.

“Doubt” can disguise itself using number of clever costumes. Today, it used the classic of classics, “time”.

Don’t get me wrong, time, or lack thereof, is a very real and current concept in my corner of the planet right now. It is, remember, the second most busy time of year and as such, time is something myself and my other brain expanding friends can attest to not having enough of.

Are you saying you don’t even have 15 minutes to be creative?

Yes, I am saying just that very thing.

And that game or two or three of candy crush? That was an essential part of the brain expanding brilliance portion of your day?

Hmm….well, no.

A small battle lost to “time” and a small victory for creativity. Am I thrilled/pleased/content with the drawing I did tonight (15 minutes on the dot)?


But I did it. I photographed it. I wrote this entry so I could (gasp) share it.

Hmm….perhaps this was a slightly larger battle won than I first thought.

inside the pod

inside the pod


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