It Will All Come Out In The Wash…

…other than permanent marker, watercolour pencils, and colourful inks…

As I continue to push myself forward creatively, I am viewing the world and the people around me in a brand new way. Everywhere I turn I see a canvas wanting to be sketched, inked, painted, collaged…

Art allows me to think more deeply, to reflect, to calm down and decompress. The physical actions required to put my mind’s pictures on a paper feel similar within my body to the ballet classes I took; it is exhausting and frustrating and beautiful and joy-filled all at once.

And when I have finished a piece, I have a permanent record of the hundreds of thoughts, emotions, reflections and physical actions that went into it. 

I think I will let the bright pink paint blob on my shirt live on the middle of my shirt…not everything has to come out in the wash.

ink and watercolour


6 thoughts on “It Will All Come Out In The Wash…

  1. You are right, everything doesn’t have to come out in the wash. A stain can be a badge, a testimonial, a reminder of your capabilities in case you forget in time. Then it ceases to be a stain. It becomes an old friend.
    This is a beautiful piece Kitty.

  2. Hi Kitty, beautifully said. Indeed it is a very joyful act, making art. And you have a beautiful way of saying that. Emotion fills your work and it spills out. Loved reading en rereading this. Thanks!
    By the way -I also took ballet classes – and even more modern dance classes. It seeps into my work sometimes.

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