May All Your Daydreams Come True

I just took the plunge…a creative one that is. After years of creating art for myself and as gifts for my friends and family, I have decided it is time to leave the safe zone and enter the world of business. I have just finished setting up an official Facebook page to sell my work;

I love to create art. I love to make people happy with my artwork.

I do not however, love promoting myself or my artwork. It puts me in the spotlight and that is absolutely terrifying.

People who know me and who are reading this right now are probably laughing out loud.

“Kitty, not liking the spotlight? She is a teacher, and on top of it a drama teacher! She loves to perform and speak in front of others. She must be making this up.”

I’m not making it up. There is something very different about standing in front of a class full of magnificent minds (aka students). When I’m sharing brain expanding information I am helping young people to grow and soar. When I am on stage acting, I am helping people forget about the drama going on in their world as they focus on the drama taking place on stage.

Posting pictures of my artwork on Facebook might put a smile on a person’s face; giving a piece of art means the receiver can like it or can hide it away. Asking someone to purchase your creations is a whole different ballgame. People only purchase things they want or need and in the case of artwork, it is generally the former.

However, if nothing else, this summer I have discovered that I have a deep passion for creativity. As I am a child of God and He has created me in his image, this passion for art must have worth, not only for myself but for others.

And so, it is time to bring my daydreams to life.


I am Kitty, Mindful Based Artist.


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